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SPS 7 Innovation Mechanism of Sustainable Investment in Environment and Climate Inception Meeting (virtual)

January 17th, 2023 Virtual


The Special Policy Study (SPS) team hosted its inception meeting for 2022-2023 this week. The Inception Meeting examined the context of energy security and challenges in climate finance.  It was noted that high energy prices help reduce externalities, and enable a shift to low-carbon energy investments.  Discussions focused on the role of bank lending, asset mangement, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds in accelerating green finance.  Approaches and case studies will include screening and exlcusion tools, increased financing of renewable energy and green infrastucture, and convergence opportunities in ESG and climate reporting, common defintions, taxaonomies, standarda and data.  Background reports were prepared for the meeting (see below). Opportunities to find synergies between this SPS and other CCICED areas of work, including current SPS worl on climate mitigation, climate data, green Belt and Road, were noted.   A CCICED-IISD virtual panel on green finance to support this SPS will be held in the spring 2023.

Transition Finance and Climate Change _ John Ganzi

China Green Finance Trends and Opportunities

January 17th, 2023 Virtual

Task Force:

Green Energy, Investment and Trade

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SPS Event