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CCICED Chief Advisors and Secretariat Joint Quarterly Meeting

April 3rd, 2023 Chengdu, China; hybrid


On April 3, CCICED hosted its first Quarterly Meeting of the year in Chengdu, China. The meeting was held in a hybrid format. More than 100 participants attended the meeting, including representatives from the CCICED Special Policy Study (SPS) teams, key stakeholders and partners, the CCICED Secretariat and the Secretariat International Support Office.

A reoccurring theme of the presentations from the 8 SPS teams and the 3 scoping studies was the importance of implementing China’s green transition in ways that enhance development and innovation. The many challenges and opportunities of the global green transition were discussed, and the need for deepening international cooperation and exchanges to help build a community with a shared future for the world. The experts also emphasized the importance of policy coherence and coordination to achieve decarbonization.

Further topics discussed include: synergy mechanisms for reducing carbon emissions, pollution, and promoting green growth;  paths and policies of the blue economy to achieve carbon neutrality goals; digitalization and green technology for sustainable development; trade and sustainable supply chains; and innovative mechanisms for sustainable investment in the environment and climate. The CCICED Chief Advisors praised the quality and progress of the SPS teams and emphasized the need for enhanced coordination and innovation in future research. The Chief Advisors also expressed confidence in CCICED’s ability to produce high-quality policy research and provide pragmatic ideas for the green and low-carbon transformation of China and the world.

April 3rd, 2023 Chengdu, China; hybrid

Task Force:

Global Governance and Ecological Civilization, Green Energy, Investment and Trade, Green Urbanization and Environment Improvement, Innovation, Sustainable Production and Consumption

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