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2023 CCICED Issues Paper: Green Innovation

Since 2002, the International and Chinese Chief Advisors have produced an Issues Paper each year for the use of CCICED Council Members, high-level policy-makers, and others during the Annual General Meeting, where research findings and recommendations are discussed. Green Innovation is the 22nd Issues Paper published by the CCICED.

Against a backdrop of the much-needed recovery of the global economy, the paper provides thoughts on how to empower green innovation and promote high-quality development from a market and synergy perspective.

The Issues Paper concludes that “Green Innovation is a key catalyst for achieving the dual control goals, as well as concurrently tackling pollution and ecosystem stewardship. As climate action engages economywide in all key sectors and regions, linking a green innovation national system with policy coordination will be key.”

Document Type: Issues Papers Year: 2023 Phase: Phase VII (2022-2027) Concluded

2023 CCICED Issues Paper: Green Innovation

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