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2023 CCICED Policy Recommendations

Based on the research outcomes of CCICED’s joint studies and the discussions at the 2023 Annual General Meeting, Council Members recommend that China should maintain its strategic determination, take green and low-carbon development as the endogenous driving force, and promote high-quality development with multi-objective synergy in a coordinated manner.

Further recommendations include to:

  • Promote synergies between carbon and pollution reduction and take an integrated approach to addressing energy, supply chains and food security to ensure a gradual, systematic, and controlled progression toward the carbon peaking goal.
  • Accelerate the digital and green upgrading and transformation of traditional industries through digital technological innovation and support the high-quality development of industries and cities through digitization.
  • Establish a green financial system to support low-carbon transformation, coordinate carbon and pollution reduction with a focus on the transportation sector and accelerate the development of a new type of power system.
  • Improve the legal safeguards for addressing climate change.
  • Integrate the sustainable blue economy as a national strategic goal and incorporate climate adaptation capacity assessment into river basin planning to establish a green, low-carbon, and resilient spatial pattern covering mountains and oceans.
  • Promote open cooperation to improve the policy environment for overseas green cooperation projects and to integrate green and sustainable criteria into global supply chains.
  • Build a green Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and share opportunities for low-carbon transformation.
  • Give play to the role of the COP 15 presidency and work together to implement the Kunming–Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) to achieve harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.

Align low-carbon green development with poverty alleviation, job growth, youth engagement, and gender equity.

Document Type: Policy Recommendations Year: 2023 Phase: Phase VII (2022-2027) Concluded

2023 CCICED Policy Recommendations

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