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2020 CCICED Gender Report

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the UN Conference on Women and Platform for Action, held in Beijing,1995. CCICED has identified gender equality as a priority, and for good reason: gender equality not only leads to better environmental, conservation, and sustainable development outcomes—it also improves economic outcomes.

This note highlights some of the research findings and recommendations of CCICED’s 2019–2020 research work, drawing on the ongoing work of its 10 Special Policy Studies. The note provides examples from some of the September 2020 Special Policy Studies (the full version of the studies can be found here).

Three key findings of CCICED’s recent work are: (a) women are the most vulnerable to environmental degradation and shocks: the impacts of pollution, climate change, loss of ecosystems, and natural resources disproportionately affects women; (b) integrating gender equity throughout policies, projects, and programs improve the safety of places, the effectiveness of tools like green technologies, and efficiency of market approaches; and (c) more work is needed to continue breaking down legal, economic, institutional, and other barriers.

Document Type: Gender Report Year: 2020 Phase: Phase VI (2017-2022) Concluded

2020 CCICED Gender Report

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