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2021 CCICED Gender Report

In 2018, the CCICED Executive Committee identified gender equality as a cross-cutting theme and research priority. To support the integration of gender considerations as part of the Special Policy Studies for 2020–2021, the CCICED Secretariat International Support Office prepared this report.

The purpose of this report is two-fold: first, to highlight some of the research findings and recommendations of CCICED’s 2020–2021 research work specific to gender, drawing on the final research papers from the Special Policy Studies; second, to provide recommendations for mainstreaming gender perspectives in the forthcoming phase of the research.

Three key findings of CCICED’s recent work are:

(a) gender equality is an important issue that cannot be ignored—if progress on the SDGs is to take place, gender equality is seen as a “multiplier of sustainability”;

(b) gender equality awareness and action must be mainstreamed into environmental policies, strategies, and programs;

(c) women have an important role to play as stakeholders (through the participation of women in consultations or involvement of women’s business associations or community groups) and agents of change (women as leaders of social networks, as gatekeepers and communicators, as conscientious consumers, or as entrepreneurs).

While there is a strong acknowledgment that gender equality is important and must be addressed, the how remains a significant challenge.

Document Type: Gender Report Year: 2021 Phase: Phase VI (2017-2022) Concluded

2021 CCICED Gender Report

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