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Global Ocean Governance Ocean Into the Future

The SPS for Ocean Governance and Ecological Civilization, in its first phase (2017–2020), focused its efforts on the central theme and concept of an integrated ecosystem-based marine management. In the context of this work, the SPS initiated work on a number of interlinked and relevant issues: integrated ocean management, marine living resources and biodiversity, marine pollution (plastics in particular), green maritime operations, renewable energy systems and mineral resource extraction. Climate change, technology, ocean economy, and gender issues were a
common thread through the various themes.

The work of the SPS clearly demonstrated that now is the time for China and the world at large to ensure that the ocean environment plays a critical role in the national and international efforts toward developing an ecological civilization and securing our own future. It also identified that there is a continued need to focus on ocean governance issues and, in particular, to further explore specific issues to provide a clear path forward.

Task Team Reports: 

  1. Establishing China’s Sustainable Fisheries Policy (EN / 中文)
  2. Marine Pollution (EN / 中文)
  3. Ocean Into the Future Seamap (EN / 中文)
Task Force: Global Governance and Ecological Civilization Topic: Water and Oceans Year: 2021 Phase: Phase VI (2017-2022) Concluded

Global Ocean Governance Ocean Into the Future

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Global Ocean Governance Ocean Into the Future

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