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2021 CCICED Policy Recommendations

A once-in-a-generation transition is underway. The world faces multiple crises, including COVID-19 and its economic consequences, climate change, the destruction of nature, and pollution. The 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warns that climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying, with some changes, such as the rise in sea level, being irreversible. The fifth Global Biodiversity Outlook concludes that the rate of biodiversity loss is unprecedented in human history. The ongoing economic recovery must place a strategic priority on integrating low-carbon solutions, nature stewardship, and pollution protection.

The members of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) greatly appreciate President Xi’s commitment to building an ecologically sustainable world and to the harmonious co-existence of humanity and nature. This commitment includes targets and measures mainstreaming high quality, green development as detailed in the 14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Long Range Objectives.

CCICED members believe that President Xi’s announcement of the nation’s plan for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality sets a clear direction for China’s post-pandemic recovery and green prosperity. The world is looking to China for experience and inspiration. To implement its commitments in an efficient, stable, and predictable manner, China needs to pay attention to policy coherence across economic sectors, the interplay between regulatory binding targets and market-based pricing mechanisms, and the dynamic role of demand-side consumption.

Accordingly, based on the research outcomes of ongoing Special Policy Studies and discussions during the Annual General Meeting, CCICED members recommend that China grasp and capitalize upon the dynamic opportunities offered by technological innovation and the green industrial revolution; pay special attention to targets, timelines, and pathways for structural transformation; formulate actions at both the macro and micro levels; and set out clear, robust, integrated, and systemic green policies that advance and implement a comprehensive socioeconomic green transition. CCICED highlights the following broad areas for action:

  • Value the integrity of global ecosystems
  • Develop a new model for green urbanization
  • Jointly promote sustainable production and consumption
  • Align domestic green targets and measures with multilateral and international cooperation
Document Type: Policy Recommendations Year: 2021 Phase: Phase VI (2017-2022) Concluded

2021 CCICED Policy Recommendations

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2021 CCICED Policy Recommendations

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