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2019 CCICED Policy Recommendations

CCICED council members consider the 14th Five-Year Plan as a period of critical importance for China to advance high-quality development and to modernize its national governance system and to improve its national governance capacity. CCICED council members also recognize that the 14th Five-Year Plan will be a crucial period for China to play a greater role in global environmental governance, particularly in implementing the UN Climate Agreement, conserving biodiversity, and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Council members suggest that high-quality development should advance the reaching of a new consensus on green development, which will become an important component of the eco-civilization. The 14th Five-Year Plan should reach the following three points of consensus on green development: 1) Green development is omnidirectional; 2) Green development represents a new, comprehensive development model that advances sustainability; 3) Green development represents new opportunities for growth, enhancing the momentum of innovation.

Document Type: Policy Recommendations Year: 2019 Phase: Phase VI (2017-2022) Concluded

2019 CCICED Policy Recommendations

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