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SPS 3: Ecosystem Based Integrated Ocean Management Under the Vision of Carbon Neutrality

Ocean-based solutions provide great opportunities for both mitigation and adaptions and should be considered to be included in Nationally Determined Contributions and UNFCCC deliberations. The research will examine how the ocean provides a space for mitigation and adaptation of climate change and how ecosystem-based ocean management can synergize mitigation and adaptation while also positively impacting the ocean carbon sink. The Chief Advisors suggest the following issues that the SPS may wish to consider in its work:

  • The effects of oceans warming on extreme weather, fish stocks; acidification, hypoxia and ocean carbon sink and other, ecosystem services;
  • Defining the RD&D portfolio and policy of marine carbon dioxide removal in the context of ecosystem-based integrated ocean management for
    contributing to the goal of carbon neutrality;
  • Domestic actions to tackle illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing.

A track 2 dialogues is encouraged on the implications of ongoing WTO work on fishing subsidies.

Task Force: Global Governance and Ecological Civilization Topic: - Year: 2021 Phase: Phase VI (2017-2021) Active